S&S LED Car Air Diffuser ~NEW~


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S&S LED Car Air Diffuser  ~NEW~

Please note: turn-around time for dispatch from our Sydney Studio for this item is 3 weeks

We are SUPER excited to introduce our new S&S LED Car Air Diffuser + 1 FREE bottle of fragrance in Ocean Breeze

1. Purification: Car humidifier can release large amounts of anion during the atomization process, which can effectively remove floating smoke, dust, formaldehyde and bacteria in the air.
2. Humidification: Using ultrasonic atomization technology to transfer water into 6um ultra-small droplets with 113KHz frequency, which can make water vapour diffuse equably, keep the air moist to make the skin more comfortable.
3. Aromatherapy: A kind of ""aromatherapy"" that conveys essential oils through the ""skin system"" and ""respiratory system"". Essential oils can be quickly incorporated into human blood and lymph to promote metabolism and enhance immunity.
4. Perfume bottle humidifier for home and car can effectively remove dust, clean the air inside the enclosed space to prevent colds, can get rid of the problem of static electricity, aseptic humidification can eliminate fatigue and bring you pleasant mood.
Product parameters:
 1. USB input voltage: DC5V
2. Working current: 0.5A
3. Service power: 2.0W
4. Water tank capacity: 150ml
5. Spray volume: 25-30ml / h
6. Material: High quality ABS engineering materials
7. Working sound: about 40dB
8. Instruction of buttons: With simple operation, a key to turn on / off, gently touch it to open the wet life.
9. Operating mode: Press the key
10. Color: Gold
11. Weight: about 116g
12. Size: about 11* 8 * 6.5 cm / 4.33 * 3.15 * 2.56 in
 USB power cord x1
 1. The product is prohibited to use under the condition of water shortage.
2. Suitable temperatures is -5-45℃.
3. Please avoid children to contact with the product.
4. When the product is not used, you need to pull out the plug and pour out all water in time and place it in a dry place.